Prestigious real estate

You’re looking for exceptional properties …

- You would like to purchase a property in France because you are keen of its art of living.
- You search the real treasure, love at first sight, rareness, a property which can be off market and known only by word of mouth. 
- The distance, the language barrier or your few moments of free time don’t let you undertake this search by yourself unfortunately.

We provide you with advise tailored to your specific requirements, with as much discretion as possible.

You are not sure yet about the criteria of the property you would like to buy   ?

We can organize your stay in France, rent a property which is very close to your criteria and show you round a first selection of properties. Getting the lie of the land is the best way to make the good choice.

You don’t know the market price for the kind of properties you’re looking for ? 

We can make a market research about the available supply of properties and give you a price range.  Therefore a price over this range could be justified only if the property stands out from the crowd thanks to its location, architecture or amenities.  Be that has it may, we defend your interests to prevent you from paying the property over its intrinsic value.

You’re thinking of calling upon one or more  local realtors to search your property ? 

The local realtor is appointed by the seller, so he can do nothing but defend the financial interests of his customer.  L’agent immobilier local est mandaté par le vendeur.  It’s no wonder that the realtor can’t defend your interest and the one of the seller at the same time when the deal
If you appoint us, there won’t be any conflict of interests. We defend your interest in front of the realtor representing the seller’s interest.  There are no extra fees for you because the fees are shared between the local realtor and us.

You would like to convert or refurbish the property you’re going to buy ? 

We can introduce you with a seasoned DPLG architect or interior design advisors. We can also select craftsmen, building firms with the best quality-price ratio.

Credit : fp-consultant